More than twenty years ago, APECA began as a grass-roots effort with a vision and an independent floating health clinic.  After many years of training volunteers from remote villages in health care, midwifery, leadership and conservation. APECA is now proud to supply health chests to villages with trained leaders.  APECA’s work continues as a team of APECA staff and Ministry of Health employees provide a full service medical campaign to more than thirty communities on a tributary of the Amazon River.

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El Fundo, our base of operations, provides staff living quarters and work areas for boat building and maintenance. But our training center and model projects are also there. We have:

  • Demonstration fish ponds
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Clean drinking water systems
  • Trash pits
  • Reforested areas
  • Natural medicines
  • Plantings
  • Tree nursery

APECA assists Amazon River villagers through education – helping them improve their health and realize their role in conservation of the rainforest. Through the efforts of people like you—as interns and volunteers— APECA Peru empowers individuals, families and communities through education promoting health and conservation. YOU, and your congregation, can make a difference by participating in a life-changing experience with APECA Peru.

Won’t you join us?
Your efforts will help create economically stable communities in the Amazon River villages we serve. Together we can plant seeds for a better, healthier tomorrow.