More than twenty three years ago, APECA began (video–>Introducing APECA) as a grass-roots effort in Remote Villages along the Amazon River in Peru (APECA¬†Vision), with a simple floating health clinic, (Beginning as Floating Medical Clinic) AND A VISION! (Envisioning a Possibility).

After many years of teaching and training volunteers from remote villages, in public health education, dental care, midwifery, community leadership, and forest conservation, (A Trained Local Technician) APECA is now proud, among its many other services, to supply health chests, with trained leaders, to their villages. (River boat:Health Clinic) The work continues as APECA staff and Peru Ministry of Health employees together (Assisting Ministry of Health) provide a wide assortment of services to remote villages in the District Fernando Lores and the surrounding areas along the Amazon River. (Problems & Opportunities)

APECA assists Amazon River villagers through education, helping improve their health and realize their role in the conservation of the rain-forest. (Cultivating Sustainable Community) Through the efforts of interns and volunteers, APECA empowers individuals, families, and communities (Community Development) through education and hands-on training (Locals Work on Water Projects), with the goal (Mission of APECA) of promoting personal health and environmental conservation. (Small Acts = Great Contributions) Individuals, students, religious congregations, and other organizations (Rotary Clubs, etc.), can make a difference in Amazon River Communities by participating in this life-changing experience with APECA. (Reward via a Work-In-Process)

clean water Among the highest priorities is the construction of Amazon Village Rain Catchment Systems. (Clean Water Project; Pt.1) The objective is to build Sustainable Clean Water Collection Systems, based on a working model developed and tested by APECA, providing clean water, improving public health, reducing infant mortality rate, and enhancing sanitary living conditions of village communities. (Clean Water Project; Pt.2)

El Fundo, (El Fundo Headquarters) securely located on a vulnerable flood plain, provides staff living quarters, training facilities, and work areas. The training center and model projects established there (El Fundo, Operation Center) include: 1) Demonstration fish ponds, turtle ponds, chicken coops; 2) Vegetable gardens; 3) Clean drinking water system (Architect-designed Water Projects); 4) Trash pits/Pollution control; 5) Reforested areas; 6) Natural medicines; 7) Plantings; 8) Tree nursery.

El Fundo, the solar-powered base of operations for APECA, under the leadership of Pablo Guerra, (Pablo’s Perspective) provides areas for woodworking, motor repairs, boat building, and general maintenance. It also houses the training center (Locals Trained in Health-Care), and maintains model projects as teaching and demonstration examples for all locals (including Health Curriculum for Local Children) and visitors. The El Fundo study center is the heart of APECA action (Pablo Supervises Water Project) where researched and tested models provide a peaceful learning environment dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Amazon Rain-forest and her culture. (Concluding Summary)

APECA has a threefold focus and commitment:


A) Youth Forestry Project: teaching sustainable reforestation, developing future tree nurseries; (Re-Forestation Projects) B) Clean Water Catchment Systems; (Clean Water Project; ) C) Tree nursery and reforestation: D) Fish ponds and turtle projects; E) Chicken projects; F) Vegetable gardening; G) Solar-generated electricity.


A) Community leadership-project, written and approved by Peru Ministry of Health; B) Training village health-care providers; (Basic Health-Delivery Training) C) Training in midwifery (Mid-Wife Training); D) Community sanitation education backed at village school sites; E) Clean Water maintenance at village sites; F) Youth training for conservation and construction, using APECA nursery trees; G) Natural medicine study, preparation, and usage; H)  Improved nutrition (Nutrition Training).


A) Support of existing Ministry of Health services to remote regions, providing primary care to remote locations; ( (earlier) Dental Campaign in Remote Villages) (Medical Delivery to Remote Villages) B) Health Campaigns staffed with volunteers in support of the local government Department of Health (vaccinations, emergency care, etc.). (Education & Training for Independence.)

Your efforts will help create physically, socially, and economically stable communities in the Amazon River villages being served. (Expanding Awareness of a Child, pt1) (Expanding Awareness of a Child; pt2) Together we can plant seeds for a better, healthier tomorrow (Children–Shaping the Future Amazonia) for ALL of us (Gina-Founder’s Testimonial).

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